Aska is a ‘multiplayer Viking survival tribe builder’ entering single-player closed alpha November 22


I seem to recall a conversation in the MOP office chat where we were talking about MMO settings and someone remarking that Viking is the new zombie, and while Viking fever may have arguably worn off a bit, we’re seeing the setting and mythos come back once more to our corner of video games thanks to Aska, an upcoming “multiplayer Viking survival tribe builder” that sees players managing settlements together in order to survive.

“Build the ultimate Viking settlement and survive with your villagers. Land your ship in a foreign, ever-changing realm, make it your own and discover its secrets. Survive, build, craft, fight, farm and sail, but do not forget to prepare for the Dead Winter, when an ancient foe rises against you…”

The game opened its Steam page last week with a letter from Sand Sailor Studios’ creative director Cristian, who offers a bit more information about gameplay. Aska sees players directly commanding villagers to perform tasks like constructing buildings, exploring the land to discover hidden loot and resources, and fighting mythical enemies. It’s all done in order to survive the aforementioned Dread Winter season and to forge a functioning Viking society.

Aska’s multiplayer lets up to four players cooperate, but it’s first planning on entering a single-player closed alpha test tomorrow, November 22nd, so if all of this sounds interesting to you, you can fill out a form to try and sign up.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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