Gloria Victis improves heavy armor, tweaks weapons, and lets shields stop arrows in latest update


When you raise a shield in order to block an arrow, you reasonably expect it to stop that arrow from hitting you. Apparently, that wasn’t the case previously in Gloria Victis, but as of the game’s newest update, shields can now actually shield players from arrows instead of doing whatever it was they were doing before. Presumably, the shields were shy.

The patch has made several other combat-specific updates as well, with particular focus on heavy armor: Tank-loving players can now enjoy increased blunt damage reduction (along with slightly decreased pierce damage reduction), reduced stamina drain, and improved resilience across all tiers in order to make it more cost effective to repair. Other tweaks include less slashing damage from two-handed axe side attacks, adjustments to crafted two-handed swords in order to make them viable, lowered headshot damage from arrows, and a specific control input for a shield bash.

source: Steam
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