Lord of the Rings Online dug a grave for players and killed our pet rock


In my experience, when someone else digs a grave for you, it’s not going to spell a good day, especially when they end it by saying, “Hop in!” So my condolences to all Lord of the Rings Online players who are now facing a gaping maw into the earth, excavated by the groundskeepers at Standing Stone Games.

Actually, it’s kind of a good thing: A new dungeon called Sarch Vorn, the Black Grave, is opening up tomorrow for everyone who purchased the Before the Shadow mini-expansion. “Explore one of the oldest barrows of Tyrn Gorthad and face off against a powerful foe roused by the passage of the Witch-king of Angmar,” the studio said. “This scaling instance is available to players level 20-140, and can be played Solo, duo, or in a fellowship.”

Today’s patch sets up the dungeon’s opening and makes a few other small adjustments. Update 34.0.1 adds better delving rewards (and takes away some of the coal and rotten fruit), fixes an issue with Cardolan essences, makes a timer change to PvMP maps, and — alas! — killed Dwayne the Rock.

“The giant rock in the middle of the road on the Greenway in Breeland has been removed. We will have a way for players to remember this particular bug in the near future.”

Source: LOTRO
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