Lineage2M celebrates its one-year anniversary with a new crossbow class and a new dungeon arena

You guys got... paid?

It’s been a year since Lineage2M launched on mobile devices, and the game is celebrating that launch with a content patch. What better way to celebrate? Of course, one of the features of this content patch is the anniversary event, in which players are showered with Leah’s Golden Tickets that can be used for a variety of helpful functions. No, those functions do not include tours of chocolate factories; they include stuff like restoring weapons and armor. Why does everyone ask about chocolate factories?

The update also contains a new crossbow class (which appears to be named New Crossbow Class, so a bit on the nose) that offers both mobility options and long-ranged sniping potential. Players can also explore the Ancient Island arena dungeon, which features five linked areas full of monsters to kill along with the deadly boss Kustor. Check out the anniversary video just below if you’re curious to see how many players have been journeying in the game over the past year.

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