Wurm Online’s newest update brings an in-depth and involved new cartography skill


Most of the time, mapping out the land in modern MMORPGs is a matter of moving a character into a portion of some UI fog of war, but thanks to the latest update to Wurm Online, mapping the land is a whole distinct and involved skill with the introduction of cartography.

When we say “involved,” we really do mean it: In order to make a map, players will first need to survey an area through the use of a blank parchment, a range pole, and a dioptra. After that, players take their survey to a cartography table to create and copy maps, which can also be combined to create larger maps.

Once a map is created, players can additionally make stamps to label information about villages, important structures, timed events, basic annotations, and even create a clickable hyperlink between maps or the world map, though most of these more advanced stamp features require a gemmed stamp to create.

For those who are curious about the whole cartography skill, the patch notes give players a closer look, while a pair of videos showing surveying and map making await below.

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