The Adventurer’s Domain Online is an upcoming early access MMORPG seeking to pair ‘classic vibes’ with action combat


What happens when you someone makes a game that tries to blend “classic MMO vibes with more modern third-person action combat systems”? It might look a little something like The Adventurer’s Domain Online, a new MMORPG heading to Steam early access on Thursday, January 26th.

TADO isn’t a huge high budget game with all the edges shaven off in the name of homogeneous balance or maximum engagement, it’s not trying to be. If you’re looking for a place to chill out exploring, crafting rare items, digging up buried treasure, or hitting the seas in search of adventure then look no further”

TADO comes from publisher/developer Unbalanced Equations, bringing two years’ worth of work to the early access table. TADO claims to grant players a shared world of adventure replete with zones to explore, dungeons to plumb, and optional PvP events to sign up for.

While the game has a modern action combat model, its character progression is mostly skill based, with XP earning players points they can dump into stats and chosen combat trees to craft characters that suit their playstyle, like a sword-wielding mage, a shapeshifting druid, or a heavy armor fighter. There will also be more pastoral content like fishing, crafting, and gathering, as well as naval content that allows players to explore the world, run trade routes, hunt sea monsters, or be a pirate.

According to the game’s Steam page, early access is slated to run for about a year, with a focus on creating sidequests and other activities as the game’s core story is apparently in place. The page also notes that TADO’s price may increase at the end of early access, which suggests that there will be a price tag when the game goes live this month.

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