EVE Online’s latest patch updates the visuals of the Minmatar Rifter and sells newbie ship skins for all


It’s not often that vets of EVE Online would look at new players with a sense of envy, but a recent update to the game’s tutorial that taught players how to use the cash shop (because that’s a thing that needed to be learned apparently) and offered fresh faces some swag SKINs for their ships through that portion of the tutorial. Luckily, existing players need not feel left out, as the latest patch made those skins buyable for 1 Plex. So now players can look at new arrivals as delicious sheep to kill.

Speaking of spiffy new looks, the patch has also dressed up the Minmatar Rifter frigate, with updated textures, a new warp animation, a higher polygon count, and improved visual effects. This spit and shine was also applied to the Jaguar and Wolf variants; the rebuilt Rifter can be seen in the video below.

Finally, the update post notes that Simplified Chinese support is coming to the Tranquility server on January 19th where it was previously only available on the Chinese Serenity and Infinity servers. There’s also a new economic report for December.

source: official site (1, 2)
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