Temtem’s latest update addresses Switch performance and camera-induced motion sickness


Temtem’s latest update – the 1.2.1 release that rolled out yesterday – was meant to improve performance and nuke crashing for Switch players. But it apparently missed the mark. “We’re aware that Switch issues are still happening, and we’re investigating,” Crema Games admitted after the rollout. “We’ll try to have this solved as soon as possible.”

What did make it in effectively is the new battle chat (hidden by default) and the overhaul for idle battle cameras – a deliberate attempt to reduce motion sickness problems.

“In order to reduce motion sickness in some players, we’ve slowed all camera movement to 1/3 of its original movement speed. They will also start after 12 seconds of inactivity, as opposed to the previous 5 seconds of threshold. This will make them way less prevalent. In the specific case of Koish fishing, we’ve removed most of the camera angles so that only cameras that focus on the Koish patterns appear. We have also developed some new cameras for this activity in particular that will make identifying the patterns and colors easier. We know idle cameras have caused issues to some our players. Before we go through with disabling them, which would imply we stop receiving feedback and iterating on the feature, we’d like to give these changes a go to improve the main problems the cameras had. We believe the idle cameras add variety and richness to the game, so we’d rather polish them until everyone is happy than disable them without giving them a chance to be good.”

Players will also notice new music, gamepad tweaks, better info on the victory screen in ranked mode, and more touches to the UI.

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