Old School RuneScape makes targeted tweaks to its latest quest, adds more speedrunning worlds content


Now that the Secrets of the North quest has arrived to Old School RuneScape, the time has come for further content adjustments! Both the new quest and the Muspah boss have seen several specific improvements, while the game’s speedrunning worlds have seen new content unlocked.

As one might expect, the quest improvements are pretty granular, including making the Saturated Heart tradeable, a new spectral attribute for the post-quest Muspah along with visible defensive stats when using Monster Examine, and lowered alchemy value for the Venator Shard among other things.

Meanwhile, batch four of content has come to speedrunning worlds, with the Below Ice Mountain and Temple of the Eye quests now available, along with beta testing versions of the quests X Marks the Spot and A Kingdom Divided. More specific details for all that’s added can be read in the patch notes, along with the rather ominous intrusion of some warped text; insert your favorite thinking emoji here.

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