Black Desert adjusts crystal transfusion and Node War for console, releases the Maegu class to PC


The long-awaited and often-referenced new class has finally released to PC players of Black Desert. The latest update sees the Maegu class’ arrival to the sandbox MMORPG, with all of the associated fox magic that’s been talked up since December. The arrival of Maegu is also being marked by several events including a free item code, extra rewards for earning Maegu levels, and related Twitch Drops.

Of course, the new class isn’t the only part of the latest PC update. The new patch has also unified Silver currency into one shared location for all characters, made several class adjustments, turned Thornwood Forest in Marni’s Realm a monster zone, and started the graduation process for the winter seasonal server. As for extra events, those involve finding rabbits, delivering horses, and simply playing during hot time for boosted rewards.

Meanwhile on the console version, several adjustments have arrived to key systems in the MMO. Crystal infusion now has its own dedicated UI as well as the addition of crystal presets, while Node War changes applied include less nodes to obtain, a hard limit of three total nodes that one guild can hold, and more rewards for those who hold nodes at the end of pre-season. Speaking of which, that pre-season is scheduled to start on January 22nd.

Other updates of note for BDO Console include another round of class tweaks, movement changes for more of the game’s classes, updates to the hunts against the Blue Whale and Fugitive Khalk, and the start of the winter server graduation process for console players.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2), Black Desert console site
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