PlanetSide 2’s construction system is under construction as Lunar New Year begins


Remember the good old days of early websites and their omnipresent “Under Construction” logos? You might want to slap one of these on PlanetSide 2┬ábecause the MMO is literally preparing to overhaul its entire construction system.

In the sci-fi shooter’s first producer’s letter of 2023, PlanetSide 2 said that the system, which initially came into being in 2016, is in need of serious development love. Citing that the construction system was “difficult” and “tedious,” Daybreak aims to make the feature more enjoyable and accessible with the upcoming revamp.

“For this overhaul, we’re focused on two main objectives: Allow builders to develop bases that non-builders enjoy fighting at, and reduce [the] barrier to entry for players looking to engage with the system,” the studio posted.

While the construction overhaul will become PlanetSide 2’s first major update of the year, a smaller patch released today with Lunar New Year sales and fixes to weapons and the Capture the Conduit mode.

Source: PlanetSide 2, 2
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