Ultima Online’s New Legacy should finally hit alpha by summer


The delay of Ultima Online’s New Legacy last fall was unfortunately not a huge surprise, though it was a disappointment as it didn’t make the seminal MMORPG’s 25th birthday. The good news, as delivered in the latest newsletter, is that Broadsword is still working on it and are hoping for alpha by summer.

“With 2022 behind us we are working hard to get an Alpha NLS open by the middle of the year,” Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong writes. “I realize we have been quiet but know we are working hard on getting this up and running to provide you guys with a new shard to play on.”

Armstrong does note again that the team is not planning on a pure “classic” shard, so y’all can stop asking. “What we are doing is taking a sprinkle of the old with some glitter of new content to make a unique experience when you play the seasons.”

The newsletter also discusses plans for a summer solstice event in July, new veteran rewards (good ones – the workbench, salvager, and fishing pole are quite nice), and Valentine’s stuffies.

Source: Newsletter
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