ARK Survival Evolved unveils two new dinos for ARK 2 and Ragnarok map release date for Nintendo Switch

aka The Spiky Boi and Lizard Giraffe


News on ARK 2 has once again seen a bit of a silent span as Studio Wildcard continues to work toward its stated release this year and presumably takes orders from Vin Diesel. This past weekend’s Community Crunch newsletter provided a couple of new drips of information however, confirming the arrival of stegosaurus and brachiosaurus to the list of critters that will roam the world.

Information about these two new additions isn’t otherwise provided beyond referring to each as “a noble guardian from a foregone epoch” and “an aloof behemoth” respectively, but there are some concept art previews that can be seen below, and the post confirms that a gameplay showcase is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the current game is once more calling attention to its player creature contest and confirms that the Nintendo Switch version of the survivalbox will see the Ragnarok map arrive sometime in early February. The Switch version also recently saw the introduction of locally hosted non-dedicated sessions among other things.

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