Pirates of the Burning Sea heads toward Steam as it sails past its 15th anniversary


With the 15th anniversary of Pirates of the Burning Sea sailing into port, we thought it was time to touch base with this fascinating naval MMO.

The team at Vision Online Games recently posted a letter covering its 2023 plans, which include activating another server or two, completing repairs on the Antigua realm, more marketing, hiring additional team members, and an eventual Steam launch.

“There is a great deal of work to do in getting ready for Steam, much of it behind the scenes. The work will range from engineering to financial, setting up new payment systems, routing and gating Steam players’ BSN purchases through Steam, perhaps even setting up a Steam server (which players of the live servers should also be able to access),” the studio said.

And speaking of servers, late last year Pirates of the Burning Sea launched a legacy realm that offers a “classic version of PotBS that hearkens back to the original experience.”

Source: Pirates of the Burning Sea, 2. Thanks Kronick!
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