Black Desert’s Valentine’s Day events have arrived ahead of the MMO’s 7th birthday


Valentine’s Day has returned to the PC version of Black Desert this week as part of a marketing push that also heralds a major revamp to the game’s PvP node wars. It’s MMOs; that’s just how this works.

Today through February 22nd, players can chase chocolate-stealing goblins, make their own chocolate, and send love letters (also with chocolate) in exchange for various themed gifts and boosts.

“During the Valentine’s Day event period, players will benefit from a 50% increased rate of item drops in some monster zones, and treasure items can also be obtained in a variety of extra monster zones,” the studio says. “In addition, players can enjoy the 500% Combat EXP, 50% Skill EXP, and 50% Mount EXP increase until the regular maintenance begins on Wednesday, February 15.”

Source: Patch notes, press release
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