Valheim teases Ashlands, a new critter, and a hat toggle


The last time Valheim foretold a “fairly meaty” patch, it turned out to be a nothingburger, so don’t get too excited by today’s dev blog telling you to hold onto your hats, either.

Iron Gate Studios recaps last week’s patch, again calling it “quite a large patch” (it wasn’t), and it pats itself on the back about its comms. “Last time we promised to be a lot more open with the development of the Ashlands than we were with the Mistlands, and if you follow us on social media you’ve been able to see some concept art of weapons and fortresses, as well as some terrain tests! You might even have caught a glimpse of some early 3D models!”

There is a little bit of future-looking content in the blog, include an art render of the BoneMaw Serpent, the note that Ashlands pre-production is “in full swing with concept art and terrain tests,” and the tease for the Hildir’s Quest update, which includes a… hat toggle.

“Another thing we’re looking at for Hildir’s Quest is playtesting some new server settings. We’re trying out a hard mode and an easy mode, but also a casual mode where you won’t lose gear upon death. The normal mode will still always be the best balanced version of the game, but we hope adding more ways to play the game can both provide a challenge to experienced players and open the game up to players who would rather take a calm and relaxed approach.”

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