World of Warships introduces British submarines, World of Tanks launches Battle Pass Season X February 28


The Wargaming Worlds of Military Vehicle Battlers are back under our spotlight this week as both World of Warships and World of Tanks each have some sizeable updates for players who like to blow each other up in weapons platforms in the sea or on land.

We’ll start with Warships’ latest patch, which features the arrival of three British submarines to early access on March 2nd in the form of the Undine, Sturdy, and Thrasher. All three are noted as maneuverable with quick-loading acoustic torpedoes, but also with low HP, meaning players will need to be deft with their movements.

Another major attraction of the latest patch is a new campaign set in Australia, with the promise of the light cruiser Brisbane and Commander Kelly as rewards to earn. Other features of the patch include the return of clan battles, a global combat mission, and an updated Domination mode complete with new settings.

As for Tanks, Battle Pass Season X is coming soon, with a bunch of new vehicles, 2-D styles, heroes, and materials for players to hoover up. The new season begins on February 28th and runs all the way through March 30th. Players can look at some of the goodies that await in the video preview below.

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