EverQuest II rolls out the barrel for the return of the Brewday Festival

Drink irresponsibly. In-game, anyway.


Want some rye? ‘Course you do.” Or more specifically you should enjoy some fine in-game Dwarven ale from EverQuest II as the Brewday Festival has returned once more, dishing out the suds and the fun between now and March 22nd.

Activities for this year’s Brewday look to be the same as before, but once more the returning event has new goodies to collect, like five new merchant items including a mount and a new tradeskill recipe book that features a new building block set. Players can also expect returning features from previous events, whether they’re special items, achievements, or tradeskill goodies

Players on the Varsoon TLE server will see their Brewday festivities a little differently, with special holiday merchants and a Brews Across Norrath quest, while the Kaladim and Kael Drakkel TLE servers will see the same event as regular servers. Wherever you play, it’s time to toast Brell once more.

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