Mad World drops new teaser video, touts sale of founder packs with headstart

Still no launch date, though


Brace yourselves, folks: Jandisoft issued a press release this morning touting the release of a 15-second teaser video for Mad World. Actually, I think the team meant to focus on the sale of founder packs, but that isn’t mentioned until five sentences in and isn’t mentioned in the title. This is going well, in other words.

“Global preregistration is currently underway for ‘Mad World,’ and pre-registrants will receive a variety of benefits. Further, you can purchase the Founders Pack, which is only available during the pre-registration period, at a discount of up to 55%, and you will be able to play ‘Mad World’ for five days before it is released. In addition to limited edition titles and help aid packages, which can only be obtained through the Founders Pack, there are four stages in which you can choose to purchase them according to your preferences.”

Founder packs run from about 10 bucks up to 100 and include things like currencies, buffs, food, tools, and titles, though the most compelling perk is surely the three- to five-day headstart access of the “early play pass.”

The long, long delayed “well-made MMORPG” (hellmade? The new video uses hellmade, making us wonder about the website’s “well-made” font) and its “permanent open beta” that was supposed to launch in 2018 2020 2022 2023 is on track to launch by June and claims “100 thousand pre-registrators” already. We do note that there’s still no hard date for launch.

“We will soon begin the marketing for the official launch,” Jandisoft told Discord followers this morning. “Soon we will also announce the release date.”

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