Mad World is on track to launch ‘before June,’ isn’t worried about Diablo IV


Mad World has been cooking for a long time; it was originally intended to launch in 2018, then 2020, then 2022. “We are 99.9% confident in releasing the game within this year,” studio Jandisoft told players last August. “Mad World will be released as permanent open beta.”

You might notice it’s 2023 and it’s still not launched, as a “permanent open beta” or otherwise, so please bear that in mind when we note that Jandisoft reps are now confirming – in Discord – that the game is slated to roll out before June 2023.

“Yes we will be releas[ing] before June,” Jandisoft’s DancingBear said this morning. “English is 100%.”

Of course, earlier this week, Jandisoft rolled out its new website and opened up pre-registration, so maybe this time, the company’s confidence will play out. Still, the game is up against some stiff competition this spring – perhaps the stiffest competition it’ll ever get – though the studio doesn’t seem perturbed, suggesting that the roguelikes have different personalities and offer different fun.

“[W]e’ll be fine. Great games always come out. And you guys have been waiting too long. We can’t make you wait any longer.”

Source: Discord. Cheers, Vinny!
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