Grimdark MMO Mad World confirms 2022 launch as ‘permanent open beta,’ aims for a primary male audience


Jandisoft’s Mad World is looking more and more like a candidate for a 2022 release: Not only did we spot a new “winter 2022” window on its Steam page, but now the studio itself confirmed that the grimdark MMO should be out before the new year.

“[The] next step is open beta,” said Jandisoft. “We are planning to release it within this year. We are also looking into providing [a] traditional client option. We are 99.9% confident in releasing the game within this year. Mad World will be released as permanent open beta.”

These comments come from a recent Reddit AMA in which the studio answered dozens of questions from the community. Other salient details from the Q&A session include:

  • The mobile version is lagging behind the regular client development. Closed testing for this version should happen sometime this year.
  • Guilds will have a cap of 32 members
  • There will be PvP and non-PvP areas in the world because “unregulated PvP can tire users out.” Also: “We are thinking of adding PK-free server.”
  • A comment on the business model: “In our own way, we are defining ‘no to P2W’ that fits Mad World. Quality-of-life features such as storage, inventory, auto-pick up are under consideration.” A seasonal battle pass will be added as well.
  • The level cap at launch will be 90 with five main story acts.
  • Mounts will be included as part of the main scenario questline.
  • Target demographics: “Our target audience is male players in the age group in mid 20s-40s. Our priority is to satisfy MMORPG/traditional RPG users who are into dark fantasy settings. You may find it unbelievable, but we have a sizable female players group.” We did believe it, but maybe statements like this aren’t the best marketing plan.
Source: Reddit
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