Mad World adds test access to founder’s packs, shifts its launch window to sometime this winter


It’s been a hot minute since we peeked in on the development of multiplayer ARPG Mad World, so allow us a moment as we recall some of the more recent updates and news stories Jandisoft has kicked out for this grimdark world.

We start with one of the bigger headlines: The game’s founder’s pack store is once again on offer and this time it’s including test access in those packs. For context, these bundles were previously sold during its February alpha, containing currencies and outfit skin items, but now these new bundles replace gold with “test play passes” that grant access to future tests and “early play passes” that sound like head start access to the game. The prices for the packs have also seen some tweaks since February.

On the subject of the game’s next testing round, there’s no news on that front on its website, forums, or Twitter. The last test was held in May, which incidentally was noted as the game’s final alpha, which makes it a safe assumption that beta testing is on deck.

A date that is listed is a launch window of winter 2022 on the game’s Steam page. Interested fans may want to take this release timing with several mighty grains of salt, however, as Jandisoft said its Steam page would arrive in fall 2018 but never materialized and that same Steam page promised a fall 2022 launch as late as June before then. Additionally, the game faced several additional delays to alpha tests, which were then attributed to a Nebmarble publishing deal.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter, Steam
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