Final Fantasy XIV will be offline for 24 hours next week for NA data center upgrades


Nobody panic: Final Fantasy XIV is upgrading data center hardware for North American players, which is going to entail a hefty chunk of downtime for everyone during which you can go outside and touch grass or maybe just nap. We’re for naps.

“In order to safeguard against any potential errors while transferring data to the upgraded hardware, all Worlds across all physical and logical data centers will undergo maintenance” starting Monday, April 3rd, at 6 a.m. EDT and concluding at the same time on April 4th, Square-Enix says.

“All content on North American data centers (Aether/Crystal/Dynamis/Primal), including character data, will be automatically transferred to the new servers. No changes will be made to the Data Center/World Selection screens, nor to any character or World data. The physical location of all data centers will remain unchanged and the FINAL FANTASY XIV Development and Operations teams will exercise the utmost care in ensuring all data is safely and successfully transferred. Players will not be required to take any action following this hardware update.”

Except for the naps, of course. And the patch 6.38 update will be waiting for you at server up on the 4th, so there’s that.

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