Classic EverQuest begins testing its new UI engine as Bristlebane Day begins


Classic EverQuest is having a helluva month as it engages in its 24th birthday celebrations, but Daybreak isn’t stopping there as the game’s roadmap marches on – and that includes the new UI engine, which arrived to the test server yesterday.

“The new UI engine is not what you’d think of in a ‘UI revamp’ – it should look very similar to the existing UI,” the studio says. “The new engine enables different features like docking, scaling, and more options for creating and modifying the UI windows. UI scaling is accessible by opening your Options window to find a scaling slider. You can also use the “/ui scale” command. Only a few windows have been converted to the new UI engine; most should remain unchanged. The Inventory, Story, Quantity, and Window Selector windows have been converted to the new UI engine.”

If you are a default UI person, not much is changing for you, and indeed custom UI fans will be able to keep using their old designs as the old engine is still being supported, though new features will work only in the new-new.

Meanwhile, if you’re just not getting enough event fun out of the ongoing Brew Day and anniversary festival, how about adding Bristlebane Day to the mix? Pranks begin today and run through April 4th.

Source: Official forums, event page. Cheers, Wilhelm.
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