Mortal Online 2 assembles a video showcase for its new elementalism magic patch

We're so bleeping dark.

If you’re into the power of the elements — or have a retro fondness for Captain Planet and the Planeteers — then you might have found a new home in Mortal Online 2. At the top of this month, the hardcore PvP MMO released Patch 15 with elemental schools of magic to be mastered.

But perhaps you’re the type that needs to be convinced by seeing rather than reading patch notes, which is why the dev team released a short showcase video to demonstrate the mighty power of elementalism.

“It’s hard for us to believe we released patch #15 containing the new elementalism magic school already a few weeks ago now, but we still wanted to provide a short video showing some of the new spells you can all obtain in the world today,” the team said.

We do note that the release has apparently been plagued by login issues and DDOS attacks, but at least there’s something to look forward to when those problems pass.

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