Old School RuneScape edges ever closer to picking new skill concepts


Skill grinding really is the name of Old School RuneScape’s game, so it’s important to appreciate how big of a deal it is to add a brand-new skill line at all. While we know that Jagex is going to put at least one fresh skill into the game, we have no concrete idea what it may be.

However, we will be a lot closer to knowing on Monday when the studio pitches a handful of skill concepts to the community and — what else? — puts it up for a vote next month. These pitches will be “high level concepts” rather than all of the specific details.

Jagex laid out how it’s going to go through the process of selecting and developing the new skill in a recent video. The studio did say that the community will have to vote 70% or higher on a particular choice to push it forward into actual development.

Source: YouTube
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