Skyforge kicks off Season 8 of Pantheon Wars for PC and PlayStation players


PvP’ing players of Skyforge who are on PlayStation and PC, your time to shine has arrived: The eighth season of Pantheon Wars is now online, bringing fresh battles every second Sunday for the chance at oodles of rewards.

Season 8 of the PvP affair promises argents for each victorious battle and a huge prize pool of 10M additional argents for the guilds that emerge victorious. In addition, that prize pool will grow if players purchase compendium packs from the cash shop, with several new such packs put together specifically around Pantheon Wars.

In addition to the argent goodies, legendary stones of power are being offered as PvP battle rewards. These stones provide PvP-specific boons and work like jewelry in that only one can be equipped at a time. When Season 8 ends, commanders of the top three guilds will get their choice of stones, though the amount of stones that can be chosen depends on where those players fall in the leaderboard.

Incidentally, the Pantheon Wars for Xbox players is promised to begin later once an issue with the Xbox Marketplace is solved. For every other platform, though, the wars are on, proving that this game still has a pulse after it got sold last year in an exit from Russia.

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