Dungeons and Dragons Online shuffles 2023 roadmap, pushes mini-expansion to next quarter


We hope you haven’t grown too attached to Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 2023 roadmap, as the phrase “subject to change” has never seemed so real and possible as it does this week. That’s because Standing Stone Games announced that it’s switching around a couple of its planned releases — including delaying a mini-expansion until slightly later this year.

In a post on the forums, the studio said that as it’s preparing to roll out a performance update, it’s going to swap the Droaam update (previously slotted for Q3) and the Vecna Unleashed mini-expansion (previously slotted for Q2).

“We’re getting ready to release an update that is expected to make improvements to game performance, and our work to update Droaam is also moving ahead of its initial time frame,” SSG said. “As a result, we are shifting our release plans for Q2 and Q3, and moving up our Droaam update to Update 59. This will include an update to both the free dungeons associated with the story in addition to the Attack on Stormreach adventure pack. We expect to have our first Lamannia preview next week, so keep an eye out for further information. Players can expect to hear more about Vecna Unleashed in the coming months!”

Source: DDO
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