Nexon’s open world PC and mobile MMO Wars of Prasia opens its doors to South Korean players


Last week saw another new MMORPG make its debut for South Korea: Wars of Prasia, a mobile and PC title from Nexon that didn’t seem to be too dissimilar from other games on paper, with UE4 graphics, large-scale siege PvP, and cross-platform play.

Despite appearances, the game’s launch announcement heralds how it “disrupts the rules of traditional MMORPGs with an unprecedented degree of individual freedom,” letting players join any faction on one of its 80(?) servers to own territory, manage it with others, and find a role in its seamless world. The presser also calls out how a single guild won’t be able to monopolize multiple territories, leaving players the freedom to explore, raid, and hunt monsters.

Of course, all of this means little for us in the west, as the announcement doesn’t really mention any word of global expansion for Prasia, but the mile marker of the MMO’s launch is still being noted regardless. It’s just how we do it ’round these parts.

source: press release
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