Zenith vows more polish and a faster cadence with ‘updates every 2-3 weeks’


The launch of Zenith’s Skyward Summit update yesterday wasn’t without its hitches, as the PS VR2 release took most of an extra day to finally roll out. But in the meantime, Ramen VR penned a dev letter to discuss its plans now that 1.3 is here.

“[W]e’ve revamped our game development strategy to focus on Quality, Speed, and Usability,” the studio says. The team promises that its focus on the game will “shift towards making the game more stable, performant, and bug free” with more polish and improvements, not just new content, and the content that exists will be retooled to be “more fun, less repetitive, [and] more social.” Accessibility is also an issue for the team – as is the cadence.

“Going forward, you can expect faster updates for bugs as well as content additions much more regularly. In fact – 1.3.1 is in production now and will unlock a new zone – we’re planning to ship that sometime in June. While it’ll take some time we’d like to eventually get to a point where we’re content shipping updates every 2-3 weeks. […] With faster release processes, tooling, and focus you’ll start to see new content updates start to ramp up overtime at a faster pace and continuous improvement of bugs and features in a way that you haven’t in the past.”

Notably absent from this missive is any news on the still-unavailable non-VR desktop version of the game promised during Kickstarter.

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