Mad World’s latest patch adds more dungeons, new areas, a PvP arena, and crafting tweaks

Still no word on the Steam version however


Jandisoft’s MMOARPG Mad World is continuing to crank out the updates this week, with the latest introducing more new areas and adjustments to existing content.

In terms of new things, the latest patch has introduced two new PvE locations, two new combat dungeons, and hard modes for the Temple of Memory and White Knot Cave. The patch also introduces an arena that features two different battle modes: a 4v4 team battle or an eight-person FFA brawl.

The other half of the patch makes tweaks to various existing features of the MMO, including better classification of crafting materials, a raise in crafting level along with related legendary crafting, a drastic reduction in respawn times for field bosses and ancient bosses, dungeons added to daily and weekly quests, and some adjustments to the amount of times dungeons can be entered on a daily basis. Full details await in the patch notes.

Meanwhile, Jandisoft is still being tight-lipped about Mad World’s ongoing disappearance on Steam, despite the topic being brought up multiple times in its Discord. The only other news from the studio is a warning against using macros, which is grounds for suspension and bans.

sources: official site (1, 2), Discord
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