Cozy MMO Palia schedules its next tech test for June 8


There are times in which you should absolutely not volunteer to test someone’s technology. If your buddy Trab calls you up because he’s eager to test his new Skeleton Extraction and Pulverization Machine, you should not volunteer to test it. But Palia testing its technology? Why, that sounds lovely, and very few skeletons will wind up extracted and/or pulverized in the process! And it’s happening on June 8th! And Trab isn’t invited!

Now, the bad news is that this test is once again invite-only, and it’s going to be running for a few hours on June 8th. That’s not ideal, especially as it means that you probably already would have a letter telling you to save the date if you were a part of the test. The cutoff for signing up was back on May 18th, so if you hadn’t already signed up, you’re out of luck. But at least it means that the game is moving ever closer to launch, so that’s a good thing.

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