Phoenix Labs’ cozy MMO Fae Farm buffs its preorder packages, releases new trailer


In case your haven’t gotten enough cozy MMO from today, here comes Fae Farm with a little bit more. At today’s Nintendo Direct, Phoenix Labs announced more perks for those who preorder the game. The PR makes clear it’s for everyone, past and future, who preorders before September 8th.

“Phoenix Labs today announced the pre-order bonus for Fae Farm, the upcoming magic-infused cozy farm sim, during the June Nintendo Direct livestream. The bonus offers a number of exclusive items as part of the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack that is provided to all pre-orders, including those made prior to the announcement. Players can kick-start their magical journey into Azoria with the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack, which includes recipes to craft a garden birdhouse, casual cozy farmer outfit, animal portrait, and more. These items are exclusive to the pack, and will become available as soon as players start their adventure in Fae Farm.”

Fae Farm was originally meant to launch this past spring but was delayed to late 2023, presumably owing to a barely acknowledged but significant round of layoffs and game cancelations at Phoenix Labs. It was announced for September 8th back at Summer Game Fest for both PC and Nintendo Switch. Worth noting: The preorder is not cheap; the studio is charging $59.99.

Source: Press release, official site
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