Tower of Fantasy launches on PlayStation August 8 (without crossplay)

While claiming an 'active player base of over tens of millions'


Gamers already likely knew Tower of Fantasy was destined for PlayStation, largely because Hotta Studio has already loudly complained about Perfect World’s stewardship of that version of the game. But as of today, we know when too: It’s launching August 8th.

The press release declares that the game thus far has drawn in an “active player base of over tens of millions” (yes, it uses the word “active,” which would make this one of the biggest games in the world, which it very clearly is not when it’s been merging dozens of servers all over the globe, so maybe take this with a mountain of salt). The PS4 and 5 version will also take advantage of controller haptic feedback and the “benefits of 4K ultra-high resolution graphics and visual effects on PlayStation, along with a high frame rate of 120FPS.”

What it won’t have is proper cross-play, which is not mentioned in the PR but was earlier addressed by Hotta (and blamed on PW). “While we wish that the PlayStation version was not an independent journey for Tower of Fantasy players, we will do our best to continue to optimise our PC and mobile gaming experience and deliver new and engaging content for you to enjoy,” the company said.

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