Wayfinder will announce early access date, reveal housing, and discuss seasonal content in July 20 livestream


As of right now, the only time frame anyone has for the early access launch of co-op shooter Wayfinder is sometime in the summer. That vague window will apparently become clearer during a livestream scheduled for Thursday, July 20th, when developer Airship Syndicate will officially announce the game’s early access launch date.

The broadcast is also going to be providing a lot of other previews and tidbits as well, including the reveal of a housing system, a look at gameplay for the character Venomess, full information on founder’s packs, and a look at content prepared for its first season.

The stream is set to go live at 2:00 p.m. EDT on the game’s official Twitch channel, so consider this your announcement of announcements that will be announced.

source: Twitter, thanks to PaJamas for the tip!
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