PAX East 2023: Wayfinder unveils new character, battle pass plans, and April closed beta testing

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As we reported before, the co-op rogue-lite title Wayfinder was headed to this year’s PAX East for demoing and a panel. That panel has since happened and it brought with it plenty of new revelations about what’s coming.

First off, the panel introduced a new character named Venomess, a sniper who appears capable of bounding across walls if the animated teaser is anything to go by. This new character will provide the theme for the game’s first season, Gloom Break, which is otherwise the title’s early access. Speaking of seasons, those will run every three months and bring bring new content like characters, weapons, and events.

These seasons are further tied to a battle pass system, with premium passes granting eventual access to new characters like Venomess or an additional tier of pass that lets players jump straight to the character. These passes will not have an expiration date and passes can be switched to on the fly, while content associated with seasons like new zones or story content will remain playable for all. More details are promised soon.

Finally, the panel unveiled plans for its next closed beta test for sometime in April. Players who are interested in joining in can request access via Steam. Until then, the panel and teaser videos await below, and we have our own interview with the devs at Airship Syndicate for some additional information.

source: Steam
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