Elder Scrolls Online’s base game is free on Epic Games Store alongside Fortnite crosspromo


Last week, a glitch on The Epic Games Store showed a sweet promo for The Elder Scrolls Online, but it was quickly yoinked, leading players to assume it had just leaked early. Indeed, that does appear to be the case, as today, the promos is live again and the game is officially free to snag on EGS – no takebacksies.

Note that what’s free here is the base game, which is normally around $20, though you can usually pick it up cheaper during a sale. The Necrom upgrade is still full price. This deal means you keep the game after the end of the promo, unlike some of the game’s more limited free-play trials.

Folks on the ESO subreddit have also pointed out that the EGS version does just link players to the regular ESO launcher, so you’re not going to need to keep EGS either.

Still, free is free, and the promo runs through July 27th, so you may as well grab one. “Crafting alt mule accout woo!” MOP’s Colin suggests.

Source: EGS. Cheers, Flatline!
The promo gets weirder with confirmation about the rumored Fortnite crossover:

“To celebrate The Elder Scrolls Online coming to the Epic Games Store, the team behind Fortnite has added a selection of new ESO-themed items to their game’s Item Shop available for a limited –time only. Additionally, players who obtain The Elder Scrolls Online or The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom on the Epic Games Store will receive ESO-themed Fortnite cosmetics as a reward.”

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