Ship of Heroes’ latest video demos its inspiration-like infusion system for buffs


Indie Kickstarted MMORPG Ship of Heroes has a brand-new video and newsletter out today focused on its infusion system and how it works in combat.

“Infusions are cheap, single-use click items that give instant or temporary benefits to the player – or to a targeted ally,” Heroic Games explains. “These can range from direct healing, to 60-second buffs to damage or defense, or even things like health regeneration, or temporary resistance to mez effects like stuns. We want basic infusions to be useful and easily replaced, not hoarded until the end of time. You can consume them casually and not regret it later. Of course, you may find, or even create, rarer and more special infusions down the line.”

The devs also discuss stun and stun-resistance mechanics, infusions for solo play, and buff and debuff display.

Source: Newsletter, press release
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