Embers Adrift would ‘greatly appreciate’ if you subscribe to it after B2P switch


In a post-patch wrap-up, Embers Adrift’s executive producer made a pitch for players to subscribe even after the indie MMORPG went buy-to-play last month.

“Now that we are buy-to-play with an optional subscription, subscriptions become even more important for the long-term success of Embers Adrift,” the EP posted in this week’s state-of-the-game address. “Embers Adrift is a challenge-driven MMORPG where players are not required to pay a subscription, but we greatly appreciate it.”

Embers Adrift recently dropped its King’s Keep patch that included the Highland Hills zone, the Woodclaimed creatures, interactable lore objects, more quests, performance improvements, and the “well-traveled roads” buff.

The game costs $30 to purchase with an optional $10/month subscription that adds more character slots and other perks.

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