Neocron premieres an updated video for the long-running player-operated cyberpunk MMO


It might be easy to forget that Neocron is still a thing (despite it being an extremely hard nut to crack as we found), but this game has been steaming on for just over 20 years after its source code was handed over to the players in 2012; you can read all about its history for more.

It’s that reminder of Neocron’s existence that appears to be the point of an updated trailer, which despite being a new video manages to look like it was filmed like machinima from the early 2000s, complete with stiff camera panning as Harry Gregson-Williams’ theme for Metal Gear Solid 2 plays in the background.

The video’s “2.5 promo” title references the current version of the game that has been patched up over the course of this year with such updates as improved visuals (for what improvement can be squeezed out of the old engine), multiple fixes, and a host of gameplay and balance tweaks. So if your reaction to Neocron being around is similar to Reddit’s, there’s a recent video to remind you.

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