After six delays in its long development, Skull and Bones has finally entered closed beta


It’s been an extremely long time coming, but Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is finally entering closed beta. The pirate multiplayer title we first demo’d at E3 back in 2017 (!) has had an arduous journey and at least half a dozen public delays, but it set sail late last night.

As we’ve previously noted, the only way into this leg of the test is a lucky draw for you or your friends, as those granted invites are also given a pair of friend invites. This round is also PC-only, but there’s no NDA.

“We know many are still hoping to get into our Closed Beta – so we’ve opened our hatches to let more of you in,” Ubisoft said this morning. “Keep an eye on your mailbox for an email containing download instructions, and make good use of those friends invites!”

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