New World team promises a ‘deep dive’ on the expansion next week


You have questions for New World, questions that perhaps might be answered with the latest Forged in Aeternum Q&A video. Game Director Scot Lane, Senior Producer Katy Kaszynski, and Creative Director David Verfaillie sat down on a comfy couch to field several queries submitted by the community.

The team promised to deliver a “deep dive” on this fall’s expansion next week. A preview of the much-anticipated mounts was requested, to which the team said, “They’re coming, and they’re awesome, and we’re really happy about them, and we’ll be seeing more and sharing more with you over time.”

Other topics covered in the video include PvP bugs, the faction store, crit protection, pushing territory, Medleyfaire music sheets, and Season 3 best-in-slot gear acquisition.

Source: YouTube
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