New World’s latest patch starts the Siege of Sulfur and applies general game updates


It’s time for players of New World to tank on the stinkiest foes ever, and that’s saying something considering the presumed odor of every other monster in the game. Today’s patch has engaged the Siege of Sulfur event that tasks players with defending sandwurm eggs from sulfur elementals, which sounds like MMO gaming’s most thankless job yet, but at least there are rewards to earn.

While the event is the primary attraction here, there are other adjustments made to the game overall in this patch as well. Players can now hear more than just a few sounds when there are a bunch of characters in one place, a pair of spear abilities have gotten a little adjustment, transmog icons have gotten multiple updates, the 3v3 arena queue has been improved, and a list of fixes have been applied. All told it’s a potentially smelly patch, but not for the reasons one might consider.

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