Pantheon Rise of the Fallen promises a focus on updating its ‘old’ and ‘unappealing’ art style

Good job.

The mechanical things that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is reportedly doing well aren’t going to matter if the game is hard to look at, which is a pain point that many watching the project have raised on multiple occasions. Visionary Realms has taken this feedback to heart and is planning to do something about it, as it shifts its focus to art creation in an effort to correct its arguably challenging visuals.

The producer’s letter for August admits that Pantheon’s marketability suffers because “the game looks old or unappealing,” so the team is angling towards a “a painted look that retains Pantheon’s grit” in order to reach a more contemporary audience. This will also have the benefit of being more performative and improve the speed of art asset creation, all while being sustainable from a cost perspective. A preview video showcasing this updated art style is promised for late September.

The rest of the newsletter outlines August’s work on updated models, animations, and assets, while promising the usual monthly calendar soon™ as the studio ties down dates.

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