Albion Online opens up a final window to move your player island before Wild Blood arrives


With its beefy Wild Blood update on deck to arrive on October 16th, Albion Online’s game is about to shake things up in many interesting ways. One of the aspects of the MMO that’s about to change is its player islands, which will soon receive “biomes with city-specific production bonuses.”

Because this will greatly impact players’ decision where to locate for specific bonuses, Albion is offering another island move period from now through October 16th. Players have the ability to move an established island to another location within certain boundaries. The studio posted details of these bonuses in the six different regions to help players decide.

“With the Wild Blood update, crops, herbs, and farm animals will thrive differently in different biomes,” the studio explained. “Each city will have local farming bonuses for one crop, one herb, one farm animal, and one additional farmable having increased yields. These bonuses will function and be displayed similarly to the local production bonuses that apply to crafting.”

Sandbox Interactive said that this will be the last island move period ever due to how islands are set to function going forward.

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