Albion Online announces Wild Blood update for October – here’s the teaser trailer


This whole summer, Sandbox Interactive has been teasing Albion Online’s next big update – the one with shapeshifting weapons, the new tracking system, and the elaborate system for awakened items. We still don’t know exactly when the update is coming, apart from the big wide “October” window, but we do now know its name: Wild Blood.

As part of today’s announcement the studio has also released a brief story trailer, and as you’ll see it fits the theme (and the season), as it follows a group of hunters tracking a wild beast through the wood. And while it’s tracking on display here, the centerpiece of the update is the shapeshifting weapon skill itself, which allows players to morph into different shapes, including werewolves, ents, bears, imps, rock golems, eagles, and panthers.

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