Diablo IV summarizes gameplay features and quality-of-life coming in October 17 Season of Blood


We already got a trailer from Gamescom out of Diablo IV, but now we’ve got a bit more information about October 17th’s Season of Blood, including some of the season’s gameplay features as well as general quality-of-life updates that are due to arrive. Or perhaps it should be a bite more information? Eh? Eh? Because vampires?

The upcoming season will see players take on a new vampiric threat that looms in Sanctuary, which will feature a new questline, the ability for players to use vampiric powers themselves (though likely only during the course of the season), and five new endgame bosses that will allow for targeted unique and uber unique item drops.

As for seasonal QoL, that includes renown rewards like potion charges, skill points, and paragon points carrying over when completed on a prior character; changes to several status effects like critical strike damage and elemental resistances; and more efficient inventory management for gems.

The promise of improving D4’s experience is a continued refrain from Blizzard in general, as president Mike Ybarra reacted to a video post by streamer Wudijo that outlined opinions on what the OARPG needs to change. “[M]any members of the team reviewed this (and other feedback from players) and we’ll work hard to address the player feedback as we go forward as quickly as we can (and toss in a few surprises along the way),” Ybarra writes.

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