EverQuest II opens test servers for its next major update, Shattered Overture, on August 29

You're making a fine choice, sure.

Darn it, EverQuest II, we told you not to run while playing with your overture! Now it’s all shattered! That means when players log on to the test server for the next major update starting on August 29th it’s going to be Shattered Overture instead of Perfectly Put Together And Undamaged Overture! Are you happy with yourself? Wipe that grin off your face! Don’t think that you can make everything better just by adding two new solo dungeons, two new heroic dungeons, and 15 new collections to the game!

What’s that? You also brought a powerful new item that players can carry forward in their adventures? I hope it’s not a different overture! And I also hope you brought enough for the whole class! For now you should sit in the corner until you’re ready to open up the test servers and work on more stuff for the annual Extra Life charity event that’s coming on November 4th. And you think about what you’ve done.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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