Corepunk’s tiny September alpha test leads to changes for immersion, solo gameplay, and questing


We had a bit of a laugh over Corepunk’s 21-person September alpha test on this week’s MOP Podcast, but a test is a test, and the Dutch MMORPG is indeed finally showing some life after years of delays since its reveal in 2019. In fact, studio Artificial Core has outright called it a success, saying that it’s already working on the reported bugs and cheered by the lack of frame-rate loss.

“A big takeaway from your feedback was the immersive nature of the Corepunk world,” the team writes. “We’re committed to enhancing this immersion in future updates. However, we did notice certain elements, like limited content, affecting the game’s balance and disrupting players’ flow. We’ll fix that in our upcoming updates by expanding testable content.”

The team also suggests pulling direct quest markers out of the game and replacing them with an altered quest-and-map structure (who saw this coming with 21 hardcore fans in the test, eh?) and improving solo play with balance fixes: “Corepunk is designed for both solo and group players. There are designated passive talent trees for solo players. But we see that some balance fixes are required to improve that experience.”

The devs reiterate that this was merely the first test, with another en route for October.

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