Black Desert Console receives three mythical horses and the Awakened Maegu in latest patch


Usually the middle of the week sees Black Desert absolutely bursting at the seams with news, but the PC version is quiet this time around on account of the Chuseok holiday in Korea. Still, the console version of the game has lots of things for players on their chosen platform, so it’s not all quiet on the Kamasylvian front. Or the O’dyllitian front? There are a lot of fronts in this game.

Headlining the weekly patch for BDO Console is the arrival of three mythical horses: the Mythical Dine that’s swift across desert sands, the Mythical Doom built for combat with AoE-blasting hooves, and Mythical Arduanatt that can jump and glide to cross mountainous terrain. The patch’s other major party piece is the arrival of the Awakened Maegu for those who want their Maegu mage to get in close and mystically slash up a bunch of foes. Last but not least, console players can now enjoy 24/7 seasonal servers just like their PC brethren.

BDO Mobile has gotten an update as well, which opens three more Path of Glory rifts, introduces new crafting recipes for sealed relics, and applies a few general fixes to several other aspects of the mobile MMO.

sources: press release, BDO PC site, BDO Console site, BDO Mobile site
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